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She's (Stephanie) great and understands me very well. - Happy Client

Katherine Johnson handled my divorce with the utmost care, compassion, and responsiveness. Her attention to detail is second to none, and her ability and willingness to respond to any questions or concerns that I had within a timely manner was simply amazing! Her experience, wisdom, and demeanor made an uncomfortable situation easy to deal with. I would highly recommend Katherine Johnson as the only family / divorce attorney to ever use!

I highly recommend Katherine...if you're looking for the best... she is the one. She knows the law, knows what your entitled to and goes and gets it. Katherine is caring, compassionate, beautiful inside and out. I cannot thank her enough for the outcome of my divorce.

In February 2017 I was served papers from my Ex husband regarding child support modification. I immediately hired Katie to represent me and I am very happy for my decision. She was professional while also yet sensitive and caring. She was able to increase my child support, change the college tuition to go back directly to my children /or me instead of him. She was very thorough and aggressive to come to an agreement without entering mediation ( more cost) and court. We were finally able to come to an agreement due to her being able to present the facts and support those with cases that supported her findings. I would highly recommend her to represent you especially if it's dealing with your children and your future. Thank you Katie for ending this easily for me and my family and finally I can move on and live without further stress. I appreciate all that you did throughout the five months. You are professional and compassionate and when I was most worried or stressed you assured me that all would be fine. I hope you continue to serve all of your future clients in the same regard and professionalism. Thank you for everything!

I highly recommend Joe Alvarez, while going through my case he was very understanding and made me feel at ease during the whole process. He was able to get my case dismissed, the case went just the way he stated from the beginning. He made me feel very confident during the whole case. He was very knowledgeable about family case law. If I have to use a lawyer in the future, I will be going back to him and I would recommend him to all my family and friends and I believe that is the best endorsement I can give to someone.

Family law is a very emotional and contentious process and for some has become very lucrative. So, it was nice to find an attorney who was honest. I needed help in changing my custody agreement and Joe laid out all my options in a manner that put me at ease and helped walk me through all the potential outcomes for my case. He was blunt when I needed to hear it and was critical of my best way forward. I'm a military guy and I like it when people just tell me like it is. Displaying the wisdom of a very seasoned professional, he took time and care with my case ensuring I had good representation. He was focused on the goal and outcome that I wanted to get out of this process. Everything about this process in family law is gut-wrenching, soul-sucking, filled with emotion that you never know which direction the wind will blow and Joe stayed calm and confident through this whole process. For my military brethren, Joe is honest and will tell it to you like it is without any legalese jargon which only serves to make an already stressful moment even more stressful. Joe is the kind of attorney who will work his hardest for you, even the most minor details are things he doesn't overlook. I highly recommend Joe Alvarez and would recommend him to anyone that appreciates honesty and wants an attorney who will work for them to achieve outcomes in the most difficult of situations.

Working with Joe was a pleasure from day 1. After a terrible experience with another firm, I was very skeptical coming onboard. Joe quickly diminished all fears as he explained my options to me, walking me through each step. Joe was aggressive as I needed him to be, given my situation and opposing council. He was clear and concise, respecting my wishes as well as protecting my future and my best interest. Joe has a gift for making a seemingly impossible situation become minimal! I found myself fully trusting his advice and deferring all communications to him which was a true blessing! I never felt like a number or just another client with Joe, I always felt like he truly cared, and my case mattered. The final outcome of my divorce far surpassed my expectations because I hired Joe and his firm.

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