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Legal Services at Sussman, Johnson & Alvarez Family Law

At Sussman, Johnson & Alvarez Family Law, in Jacksonville, Florida, we provide legal services in all types of family law disputes. Our services range from marriage dissolutions and annulments to post-judgment enforcement and contempt proceedings. We can help with all child-related issues in divorce and paternity cases, including child support, timesharing, parental responsibility, and relocation. We have prepared countless premarital, postnuptial, cohabitation, and settlement agreements. We also help with name changes, post-judgment modifications, and even stepparent adoptions. Whatever type of services you and your family may need, we have the expertise to get you results.

Family Law Agreements

Family Law Agreements Prevent and Resolve Conflicts

Family law agreements are a legal service that prevents and resolves conflicts that may arise with the people closest to you. A couple can form a family law agreement before or during a relationship as a method of settling a conflict. Parties typically enter into premarital agreements before getting married, while postnuptial agreements settle issues between individuals who are already married. Family law agreements also exist for couples who are not married but are living together, called cohabitation agreements. Whatever family law agreement you may need, our attorneys have extensive experience drafting agreements that are amicable and legally binding.

Mediation Goes Better With an Attorney on Your Side

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where the parties involved meet with a neutral third party to negotiate the terms of a final settlement. Mediation typically comes about after litigation has started, although parties can enter into pre-suit mediation before litigation if they both agree to attend. To have a successful mediation, you should prepare with an experienced attorney like those at Sussman, Johnson & Alvarez Family Law first. As part of this legal service, we review all the information with you and explain how this may affect the mediation process. Then, we attend the mediation with you, to help protect your interests. With one of our seasoned attorneys by your side, mediation can produce the desired results for everyone involved.

Litigation to Protect Your Family’s Interests

Litigation is the process of presenting a conflict to a judge for them to settle. While it is always our goal at Sussman, Johnson & Alvarez Family Law to resolve disputes without resorting to family law litigation’s long, drawn-out process, it is often necessary to make arguments before a judge. Litigation is common when a couple gets divorced but can also come about in non-martial situations, like resolving disputes surrounding children, jointly owned assets, and financial support. When you and your family trust our attorneys with your case, we guide you through the entire process with expertise and care, from prelitigation discovery to the final trials.

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